Micro Tagband: When & How to Use it?

Updated: Sep 3

Micro Tagband fits small to medium-sized tags measuring 2mm to 4mm at their widest point. This kit comes with cleansing pads, microband with a cone to fit the tag and a tag removing device in the same size. Micro Tagband has been designed to be used on skin tags on the body but it is not meant for skin tags on eyes or eyelids.


The major difference between Micro Tagband and Regular Tagband is in their size. Micro Tagband is made specifically for removal of skin tags measuring 2mm to 4mm in size while the regular sized tagband is used on bigger skin tags of sizes 4mm to 6mm. Both Micro Tagband and Regular Tagband come with tag remover tool meant for their size. These tools should only be used with bands of their size and should not be replaced with one another.


Micro Tagband should only be used on skin tags of small to medium sizes. This Tagband fits tags of 2mm to 4mm in size at their widest point. Micro Tagband can be used for skin tags on all body parts including sensitive skin on face and neck except for skin tags around eyes or eyelids.


Micro Tagband comes with a detailed set of instructions for safe use. We have outlined the steps to follow while using Micro Tagband.

Make sure that the Micro Tagband fits over the tag correctly. In case you feel the size is not right you can get your order replaced free of charge.

  1. Clean the skin tag and the surrounding skin with cleansing wipes available with the kit.

  2. Place the Micro Tagband at the topmost section of the cone and put the cone over the skin tag.

  3. Place the tag remover tool at the base of the cone and push gently until the band pops off from the end.

  4. Let the band stay in place with the tag and wait for the tag to drop off along with the micro Tagband.

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