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Removing Skin Tags by Yourself: The options explained

Skin tags are tiny pouches of skin tissue hanging from the surface of skin. These pouches are non-malignant growths which tend to get inflamed if they are subjected to external trauma. These growths are normally painless but may hurt if they are twisted or get wound up in clothes.

Skin tags are quite common in people with high insulin levels, diabetes, obesity, Human Papilloma Virus and hypertension. This condition generally strikes in middle age. Heredity is another contributing factor of skin tags. This skin condition sprouts on areas of skin prone to constant friction such as skin creases and folds.



Freezing a skin tag is a widely used skin tag removal method at home in which liquid nitrogen is applied to the tag to freeze the tissues after which the tag starts to die and falls off in 2 to 3 weeks.

Tying Thread

Removing skin tags by tying a sterile thread at the base of the tag is another popular at-home method. This method aims to cut the skin tags blood supply.

Duct Tape

Some people claim to remove their skin tags by sticking a square piece cut out from duct tape over the skin tag to reduce blood flow to the tag until it dies and falls off. This method is not recommended by doctors.

Nail Polish

This is another highly unsafe at home skin tag removal procedure used by many people. In this method clear nail polish is applied on the skin tag twice to obstruct blood flow to the tag until the tag falls off. This procedure might lead to complications as nail polish is a highly toxic substance and may cause allergic reaction in some people.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One can get respite from skin tags by applying apple cider vinegar repeatedly on the tag site. This method may not work on all kinds of tags and takes longer than other at home skin tag removal options.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another natural cure to treat skin tags. It has anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin E which help in getting rid of skin tags. Like most other natural skin tag removal methods, it may take a couple of weeks to months to remove the tag.


This method is to be used on skin tags on any part of the body except for the area around the eyes. Follow these steps to use TagBand:

  1. Clean the skin tag and surrounding skin with cleansing pads.

  2. Place the band on the top section of the cone and place the cone over the skin tag.

  3. Using the tag remover device, push the band off the end of the cone.

  4. The band will now come back to its original size and strangulate the base of the tag.

  5. This band has to stay in place with the skin tag till it drops off with the band.

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