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Can Skin Tags shrink on their own?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Dermal problems tend to occur more frequently than any other medical disorder. A common dermal problem which many people have to endure is the appearance of the skin tags. These are elongated structures of skin tissue that grow in the surface of skin and are often referred to as benign tumor growths or acrochordons.

You can generally find these tedious growths in places where the dermal layer tends to have creases and folds.

Places like under the arms, the folds of the neck, folds of the eyelids are some of the common areas where skin tags become prominent.

What causes the growth of skin tags?

The exact cause of skin tags is unclear, but some factors are known to increase their likelihood. The most important factor that facilitates the growth of skin tags is repeated friction. Some medical conditions have also known to contribute to growth of skin tags. These are high insulin levels, heredity and obesity. Hormonal fluctuations is another cause of skin tags that strike women during menopause.

Can skin tags shrink on their own?

NO, Skin tags cannot shrink on their own. They need to be removed using skin tag removal procedures such as cutting, freezing, ligation or by employing natural methods that help in drying the unappealing growths.

What are the surgical methods for removing skin tags?

Dermatologists suggest a number of procedures for removing skin tags permanently. Since skin tags are not harmful and cancerous, the tendency of re-occurrence of the tags on the same location is very low. The surgical methods used by dermatologists are:

Excision: Excision is the quickest skin tag removal method in which the tag is snipped off with a scalpel. This method is highly invasive, painful and most often results in profuse bleeding.

Freezing: Freezing is the most popular skin tag removal method performed by dermatologists. In this method, the skin tag is frozen with the application of liquid nitrogen to cut off blood supply to the tag. The tag starts to shrink and falls off in a few days.

Laser Therapy: Laser therapy is a great skin tag removal option for those who wish to get rid of large and hard to remove skin tags that refuse to respond to natural methods. This method enlists burning the skin tag with laser beams. Patients may experience a little discomfort during and after the laser treatment. Since many people dread the burning method used in this tag removal procedure, they prefer taking help of other painless alternatives to get rid of skin tags.

Are natural home remedies effective in removing skin tags?

Natural home remedies are no doubt effective but may take a little longer than other skin tag removal methods to show results. These methods might only work for skin tags that are smaller in size and need to be performed every day until the tag falls off on its own. These methods are good for those who are willing to spend a lot of days to get results. But most people prefer other methods over natural remedies that help them get rid of the skin tags as fast as possible.

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